Access Control

 Keep your facility secure and your employees safe with an access control system.  Access control allows you to program times and areas for authorized access and eliminates the need to re-key any building due to employee turnover.  By using card readers, push-button keypads or fingerprint scanners, you can control access to sensitive or high-risk areas and decrease security threats by restricting walk-ins.  Terminated employees can be promptly removed from the system leaving them with no further access to your facility.   RedAlert can design your custom access control system ranging from small single door applications to multi-site, campus or industrial facilities.

Video SurveilLance

There are numerous benefits in monitoring and recording your workplace activity with a surveillance system.  Cameras installed by RedAlert allow you to keep an eye on customers, employees and suppliers on-site or remotely.  Cameras provide a deterrent to theft, lawsuits, harassment, loss and more.  


RedAlert starts with a platform that can scale to the needs and ever-changing environments of businesses today. Our solutions range from entry-level to enterprise systems that provide the flexibility and performance expected from a technology-driven security company. 


Get unparalleled image detail with a high-definition surveillance system. Using award-winning software combined with our broad range of megapixel cameras delivers superior image quality and maximum coverage. Technology preserves complete image integrity through visually lossless compression, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage.

Fiber Optic Networking

A fiber optic cable is a network cable that contains strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing. These cables are designed for long distance and very high bandwidth (gigabit speed) network communications. Fiber optic cables carry communication signals using pulses of light. These cables are increasingly being used instead of traditional copper cables, because fiber offers more capacity and is less susceptible to electrical interference.

Phone Systems

Connect and communicate with your customers, employees and business partners any place, any time and on any device.  An IP office phone system is ideal for small and midsize businesses that want powerful and scalable communication solutions that help them to get work done, fast.


Accelerate growth and transform your business with a complete, integrated solution—collaboration, mobility, multichannel contact center, networking, security, video, and support services—all from a single source.  Enable unbound commerce regardless of place, time, device, or application. Employees can engage anywhere and anytime to capture opportunities and create value.  Eliminate IT headaches by centrally managing your IP Office solution with web-based administration, whether you have five users or 3,000, in one location or across up to 150 sites around the world.

Get Connected. Live Secure.

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