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It's important to keep your emergency contact list up to date.

Who’s on your alarm monitoring system list?


Your alarm system monitoring emergency contact list is a list of critical contact names and telephone numbers. These are the people the alarm system monitoring center will call when your alarm activates. You designate the order in which each person is called.

Keep your alarm monitoring system up to date.


Your emergency contact list information should always be kept up to date with RedAlert.


When the police or fire department needs someone to respond during an emergency, the alarm system monitoring center must be able to contact someone able to respond.


Has one of your contacts recently moved?  Have you or any contact gotten new phone numbers? If so, it is critical that you update your emergency contact list today. You never know when an emergency will occur and your contacts will need to be reached.

Changing your 
emergency contacts.


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We look forward to keeping your emergency contact information up to date!

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